We keep your teeth alive because we always work with a microscope and caries detector.
  • Without stress

    Thanks to modern double anesthesia and low-noise equipment, the treatment is so painless and quiet that patients often fall asleep in the chair.
  • Reliable and durable

    Our fillings are secondary-caries-proof! With a warranty for 10 years.

Treatment of root canals

  • Microscopic Endodontics

    All therapists at Esta Clinic use the most up-to-date technique for canal obturation - the technique of thermoplasticized gutta-percha. Research has shown that this method gives the best long-term results and is the least painful canal obturation method.

  • Restoring the natural shape of the tooth

    Precise anatomical restoration prevents the deformation of the filling, protects neighbouring teeth and reduces the likelihood of secondary caries.

    We work with the most durable composite materials: Estalite and Enamel plus.

  • E-max inlays and onlays

    E-max inlay/onlay

    Inlays and onlays are used in molars or premolars, when the tooth has experienced too much damage to support a basic filling, but not so much damage that a crown is necessary.

    Dental inlays are more durable than regular fillings made from composite material.

Our Doctors

  • Malika Mezhneva


    • Diploma with honors in 1999.
    • 2006. Certificate in therapeutic dentistry in Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry
    • 2006. Advanced training course on the topic: "Actual issues of dentistry"
    • 2007 International Symposium "Revolutionary Technique in Endodontic Treatment"
    • 2007. Master class at the Central Research Institute of Dentistry on modern methods of nerve canal treatment
    • 2008 Seminar "Aesthetic restoration of teeth", Poltava
    • 2008 Seminar "Basic modern concepts of non-surgical periodontal treatment "
    • 2008 Seminar "Actual problems of modern endodontics and their solutions"
    • 2009. Seminar on "Clinical features of aesthetic restoration using the modern materials by 3M ESPE”
    • 2010 Workshop on in-office methods for teeth whitening and a master class on the use of the ZOOM Clinical System by Discus Dental
    • 2011 Diploma in Indirect Methods for Manufacturing Aesthetic Composite Restorations
    • 2011. Educational cycle on the subject: “Acquired malformations of teeth (fluorosis, hypoplasia)"
    • 2011. Workshop "Color and Light in Dentistry"
    • 2011 Seminar "New trends in the development of modern restoration dentistry"
    • 2012. Advanced training course at the Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Studies education
    • 2012 Seminar "New approaches to the treatment of caries and dentin hypersensitivity"
    • 2012 Seminar "Retreatment. Clinical Solutions and Techniques "
    • 2012 Seminar "Overview of modern methods of instrumentation and obturation of canals"
    • 2013 Seminar "Practical nuances of everyday endodontics"
    • 2013 Seminar "Different types of teeth whitening. Indications and contraindications "
  • Elina Hilo

    Specialized areas of activity: endodontics (treatment of tooth canals), working with a microscope, caries treatment, pediatric dentistry, professional oral hygiene, and teeth whitening.

    • 1995-2001 - Siberian State Medical University. Faculty of Pediatrics. Specialization - Pediatrics
    • 2001-2003 - Clinical residency specializing in pediatrics.
    • 2005-2007 - Kemerovo State Medical Academy. Faculty of Dentistry. Specialization - Dentistry.
    • 2007-2008 - Clinical internship specializing in dentistry.
    • 2011 - Professional retraining in the specialty "Therapeutic dentistry", SBEI HPE SibGMU of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of Russia.
    • 2013 - Professional retraining in the specialty "Organization of public health and public health", GBOU VPO SibGMU of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of Russia.
    • 2013 - “Complications in endodontic practice", Mikhail Solomonov.
    • 2014 - "Related areas in endodontics", Mikhail Solomonov.
    • 2014 - IV International Endodontic Congress, Moscow.
    • 2014 - SAF. Self-adaptive file: a new concept of minimally invasive 3D endodontics.
    • 2014 - “Restoration of the anatomical shape of teeth in aesthetic restorations”, A.V. Vetchinkin.
    • 2014 - “Definition and reconstruction of color in aesthetic restorations of teeth", A.V. Vetchinkin.
    • 2015 - V International Endodontic Congress, Moscow.
    • 2015 - “Three-dimensional radiodiagnostics of acute and chronic tooth injury", DV Rogatskin
    • 2015 - "Periodontology in the daily practice of a dentist-physician", Marina Priyampolskaya.
    • 2016 - “Professional hygiene as an integral requirement in the work of a dentist”, E. Dementieva
    • 2016 - “The world of microscopic dentistry. Immersion in a new reality ", Elena Lipatova.
    • 2016 - Estetic Restoration Biofunctional Approach Dr. Didier Dietschi
    • 2016 - "Restoration of the anterior teeth", Vasiliadis R.A.
    • 2017 - Professional retraining in the specialty "Pediatric Dentistry", FSBEI HE "Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy" of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.
    • 2017 - Anesthesiology in pediatric dental practice. Restoration of temporary teeth. Nebolsina E.V.
    • 2017 - "Treatment of complicated caries of formed and unformed temporary teeth", Nebolsina E.V.
    • 2017 - "Prevention in the daily practice of a pediatric dentist", Surmina M.
    • 2017 - “Modern methods of eliminating tooth discolorites”, A. Akulovich
    • 2018 - “Systemic communication with the patient, individual approach.”, Wilson Learning.
    • 2018 - “Managing the behavior of the child. Local anesthesia ", Skatova EA
    • 2018 - “Structural approach to endodontic treatment", A. Tumashevich
    • 2018 - “Minimal Invasive Approach in Estetic Dentistry”, Dr. Linda Greenwall.
    • 2018 - "endodontics of permanent unformed teeth. Restoration. ”, Skatova EA
  • Anna Isachenko
    Maxillofacial surgeon, Dentist

    Dentist and maxillofacial surgeon.

    She has been working in ESTA / Smilent for 5 years.

    Professional skills: treatment of caries and pulpitis, removal of temporary and permanent teeth, fissure sealing, plastic frenum of the tongue, upper lip, Osstem implantation, removal of third molars of varying difficulty, treatment of patients in sedation.

    Basic education:

    • Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Dentistry
    • RUDN University residency at the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

    Further education / courses:

    • Internships in dental clinics
    • A regular participant in conferences and congresses.

  • Zinaida Kostyuchenko

    She has been working at ESTA-Smildent for 10 years. She graduated in 1994 from the Moscow State University of Medicine named after Evdokimov. Repeatedly attended educational seminars on the use of various orthodontic appliances. In 2007, she studied at the RMAPO base. She participated in conferences in Hungary, the UAE and Portugal. Corrects the bite at any age regardless of the nature of the defects. Eliminates extensive occlusion. Installs bracket systems. Applies segmental equipment. Accompanies patients throughout the treatment period. Restores chewing ability and improves the aesthetics of the dentition.

    • 1996 - Specialization at the Central Research Institute of Dentistry in modern fixed orthodontic appliances using a bracket system.
    • 2001 - A course of lectures in the professional society of Russian orthodontists.
    • 2003 - A seminar on philosophy, principles and technology in orthodontics.
    • 2005 - A theoretical and practical course on lingual equipment and its use at the present stage.
    • 2007 - graduated from the Russian Academy of Postgraduate Education.
    • 2009 - “Orthodontic treatment at different stages. The problems of the retention period ”(Dr. Sylvia Geron). "Orthodontic preparation before orthognathic surgery" (Professor Nazan Kuchukeles) St. Petersburg
    • 2009 - Certificate "Incognito Certification Course" (Moscow)
    • 2010 - "Segmentary technique in orthodontics" (Moscow)
    • 2010 - participation in the international Forestadent symposium (Paris)
    • 2011 - International Symposium "The Future of Aesthetic Orthodontics. Treatment of adult patients "(UAE, Dubai)
    • 2012 - participation in the international Forestadent symposium (Budapest)
    • 2013 - "Modern methods and current trends in the treatment of open, deep bite and occlusion anomalies of the II and III class" (Moscow)
    • 2013 - “New concepts in modern support” Dr. Burn Ludwig (Germany)
    • 2013 - participation in the international symposium Forestadent (Portugal)
    • 2013 - “SWING philosophy: the main goal is to achieve functional occlusion” (Moscow)
  • Svetlana Eigina

    Dentist-endodontist: 1997-2019

    Dental Technician: 1991-1995

    Thanks to the rare combination of the experience of a dental technician and the experience of a dentist, Svetlana can do aesthetic work which are not available to other doctors. Graduated from Moscow Dental School with honors in 1990 and Moscow State Medical and Dental University with honors in 1997

    • 1997. Graduated from Moscow State Medical and Dental University (with honors)
    • 1999. Clinical residency in therapeutic dentistry
    • 2001 Workshop on Non-Surgical Periodontology at the Chicago Center;
    • 2002 practical course on indirect dental restoration with the latest materials at the American Dental Academy;
    • 2002. Practical seminar on the topic: “Successful root canal treatment in the daily practice of a general physician”;
    • 2003 course on topical issues of periodontics in the German-Russian Dental Society;
    • 2003 training course on “Modern endodontics for children”: new endodontic materials and technology enhancing the effectiveness of treatment in childhood.
    • 2005. Practical seminar "Color and light in dentistry";
    • 2006 internship at the University Hospital Dusseldorf;
    • 2007 restoration workshop at the Jerusalem Training Center;
    • 2008 internship in private Spanish clinics;
    • 2010 master class at the University of Jerusalem on the program of the latest developments in endodontic technique treatment root canals of teeth;
    • 2011 master class in the training medical center of Dusseldorf on root canal filling techniques thermoplasticized gutta-percha;
    • 2011 - diploma “Indirect methodology for manufacturing aesthetic composite restorations, Dr. Daniele Rondoni, Italy
    • 2011 - participation in the congress “Applied endodontics. Improving knowledge in the treatment of canals with difficult anatomy. Treatment of cysts and granulomas in one visit "
    • 2012 - master class at Inernational Congress of VOW- Endodontic Synergy GmbH
    • 2012 - International Congress "Aesthetic Dentistry - Art Restoration - Modern Principles" Dusseldorf, Germany
    • 2012 - “Smile Design. Direct composite systems and all-ceramic restorations »International Symposium doctors California USA
    • 2013 - Italy, San Fedele Intelvi, Dr. Lorenzo Vanini. Theoretical and Practical Course "Conservative direct restoration in anterior sectors following Dr. Lorenzo Vanini stratification technique. " Enamel Plus HRi, Micerium Group (Italy).
    • 2013 - "Modern teeth whitening systems. Pros and Cons "
    • 2013 - "The modern concept of aesthetic dentistry" C. D Arcangelo
  • M.D. Leonid Eigin
    orthopedic dentist

    Chief physician, M.D., orthopedic dentist.

    In orthopedic dentistry since 1985. Graduated from Moscow State Medical and Dental University. Clinical residency in orthopedic dentistry.

    • From 1995 to 2000 - teaching at the Department of General Dentistry practice.
    • In 2000 he defended his thesis in the Russian State Medical University.
    • 1995-1996 implantology training;
    • 1998 training on the methods of complete removable prosthetics according to the Ivokap system Ivoclar;
    • 2001 course on indirect methods of tooth restoration;
    • 2001, participation in the international symposium on the topic "One-piece removable dentures";
    • 2002 seminar on "Anatomy of successful practice";
    • 2005 seminar on the topic "Prosthetic use of implants of the Astra system;
    • 2007 international symposium on the topic “Opportunities for restoration at XiVE implants;
    • 2008 workshop on planning and techniques in modern implantology using Friadent systems.
    • 2009 course of lectures and seminars on the theme: “Biomechanical Temporomandibular joint and practical skills with articulators "
    • Private practice since 2000.
    • 2010 internship "Methods of orthopedic treatment for dysfunction temporomandibular joint ”in private medical Geneva city center.
    • 2011. Participation in the international implantology congress on the subject of complex prosthetics using the system Friadent (Dentsply).
    • 2011 Symposium on prosthetics in the absence of teeth. Trained in clinics in Germany, USA, Israel, Spain, France.
    • 2012. Participation in the XiVE Club (Closed Symposium of the leading implantologists and orthopedists)
    • 2013 - Participation in the congress "Problems of occlusion in dentistry"
    • 2014. participation in the seminar "The use of anesthesia in the conditions of a dental clinic at implantation "
  • Vladislav Serpukhovitin, M.D.
    Maxillofacial surgeon

    Chief Surgeon, M.D.

    One of the most famous maxillofacial surgeons in Moscow. He is a full member of the Maxillofacial Society surgeons.

    Has installed more than 20,000 implants. Owns all the latest implantation techniques in various systems, as well as in various ways of building bone, including the use of membranes, bone blocks and sinus lift.

    • Graduated from Moscow State Medical Dental University in 2001 g.
    • In 2003, he completed the clinical residency in maxillofacial surgery in Central Research institute dentistry.
    • In 2002, an internship in Spain in implantology, in 2003. an internship in plastic surgery in Frankfurt.
    • In 2004, an internship on the latest methods in surgical dentistry - in Austria.
    • In 2006, he participated in the world congress of implantologists - in the USA.
    • In 2008 he defended his thesis on maxillofacial surgery.
    • 2010 internship at a clinic in the city of Orlando (USA);
    • 2011 Internship at the Dentsply training center according to the methods directed bone regeneration on the lower jaws;
    • 2010 European Association for Osseointegration: Certificate of membership.
    • 2012 New York University College of Dentistry: "Advanced techniques in oral implantology: hard and soft tissue management ".
    • 2013 Moscow - course "Modern trends, technologies and techniques in aesthetic implant dentistry »Dr. Maurice A. Salama
    • 2014 - course "Complex techniques for increasing bone volume for implantation"
  • Natalya Romanenko, M.D.
    Dental surgeon

    Dental surgeon, M.D..

    She studied at dental universities and clinics in the USA, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, France, Finland, Monaco and the Netherlands.

    The doctor is the author of more than 50 scientific papers, co-author of the textbook DENTISTRY and two patents for the treatment of periodontal diseases.

    Opinion leader company GEISTLICH (Switzerland). Active participant in symposia, congresses, conferences and round tables. Thanks for the contribution to the development of osteopathy (2019). Medical work experience - more than 26 years. Experience with foreign insurance companies - since 1997. The experience of managing patients with myofunctional disorders is more than 10 years.

      Clinical practice:
    • 1994 - 1997 PAID DENTAL CLINIC in Moscow
    • 1997 - 2004 ROYAL DENTAL CLINIC
    • 2004 - 2019 EUROPEAN DENTAL CENTER
    • Training:
    • 1999: Clinical residency and graduate school, specializing in DENTAL SURGERY at MGMSU. Also graduated from PEDAGOGICAL INTERNSHIP.
    • 1999-2004: years worked as an assistant professor at the Department of Dentistry of General Practice and Training of Dental Technicians at MGMSU.
    • 2001-2003: training on "Reconstructive and surgical methods of treatment of periodontal diseases" at the seminars of the company "QuintessenzBerlin" (Germany).
    • 2004: Participant of the 1st International Congress on Osseointegration "East-West, Riga 2004".
    • 2005: Participated in the I Annual St. Petersburg Dental Assembly
    • 2005: Training in Management in Dentistry
    • 2005: Participant of the IX International Congress of Aesthetic Dentistry in Istanbul
    • 2005 - 2019 - Annual improvement on the topic “Neuromuscular dentistry. Functional diagnostics. Ronchopathy. Obstructive sleep apnea. "
    • 2006: Took part in the V International Congress on Periodontology in Madrid.
    • 2012 - 2013: Master in Surgical Dentistry and Dental Implantology at the University of Zwieged (Hungary): COURSE OF PROFESSOR ISHTVAN URBAN.
    • 2012: Participation in the VII International Congress on Periodontics in Vienna.
    • 2005-2010: Member of medical courses in Russia, Canada, USA, Italy, Germany, Spain and Turkey.
    • In 2009 she graduated from the full-time department of the PHOTO ACADEMY in Moscow.
    • 2009 - 2019: Annual Improvement in Myofunctional Therapy
    • 2010-2019: Lecturer of the SIMCO group of companies (Russia).
    • 2010-2019: He is a lecturer at SCV TECHNOLOGY, which represents the PICASSO diode laser device in Russia (AMD LASER, USA).
    • In 2017, at the OSTEOLOGY symposium, she presented a report on the INCREASING ZONE OF KERATINIZED GUM IN THE FIELD OF TEETH AND DENTAL IMPLANTS.
    • In 2019, at the XII International Implantology Congress, she presented a report on the DISEASES OF PERIODONTIC TISSUES ARISING ON THE STAGE OF FUNCTIONING OF ORTHOPEDIC CONSTRUCTIONS.
  • Alexander Kagramanov
    orthopedic dentist

    orthopedic dentist

    • 2009 - graduated from Smolensk State Medical Academy
    • 2010 - clinical internship with a degree in general practice dentistry
    • 2010-2012 - clinical residency based on the Moscow State Medical and Dental University. Evdokimova of the Ministry of Health of Russia at the Department of General and Aesthetic Dentistry, majoring in General Dentistry practice "
    • 2011 - took part in the lecture-practical course of Kerr company “Innovative technology in aesthetic dentistry "
    • 2011 - phantom preparation course for various types of orthopedic designs, cavities of the I-V class according to Black. Basic work skills with an increase in dentistry. Israel, Ramat Gan
    • 2011 - took part in the lecture course of M. Solomonov (DMD) "Practical nuances Endodontics Everyday, Medical Consulting Group
    • 2011 - took part in the lecture course of M. Solomonov (DMD) "Overview of modern methods of instrumentation and obturation root canals ”, Medical Consulting Group
    • 2012 - the specialty "Organization of Health and Public health "
    • 2013 - took part in the theoretical course of Maxim Belograd (DDS) "From endodontics to restoration. Minimally invasive concepts. Treatment and rehabilitation ", Art Dental Club
    • 2013 - qualified as a dentist surgeon
    • 2013 - qualified as a dentist orthopedist
    • 2014 - took part in a seminar on the topic "Fundamentals of prosthetics on implants Xive systems ”(Rolf Rothammer), group SIMCO companies
    • 2014 - took part in the lecture course of M. Solomonov (DMD) “Endodontic aspects in orthopedics - what you must know orthopedist and be able to do an endodontist ", Medical Consulting Group
    • 2014 - took part in the training course of D. Yakovlev (KMN) "Mastery of the dental photography and digital smile analysis "
    • 2015 - qualified as a dentist physician
    • 2015 - took part in the symposium »Features of dental treatment of patients anesthetic risk groups " at the XII All-Russian Conference
    • 2015 - took part in a lecture and practical course on working with the operating room microscope in dentistry (Mark Botzer "Operating Microscope in dentistry. From setup to final restoration ")
    • 2015 - attended the seminar of Adilkhanyan V.A. (KMN) on the theme "Impression of a high standard", 3M Russia company
    • 2015 - took part in the theoretical course “Focus on Implants in Oral Rehabilitation Consept, indication, and Handling of the XIVE Implant System ”, Ludwigshafen, Germany
    • 2016 - took part in the lecture course of Balabanovsky (DMD) "Clinical manufacturing planning aspects orthopedic constructions on implants ”, Medical Consulting Group
    • 2016 - took part in Aliyev’s seminar “MYTHBUSTER 2.0 Dispelling myths about implants "
    • 2017 - took part in the workshop “DSD. Digital Smile Design "
    • 2018 - prosthetics on Osstem implants